Akiti the Hunter

1st African Action Super Hero


Akiti the Hunter 1st African Action Superhero

Akiti the Hunter 1st African Action Superhero

Akiti is homeland is Ile –Ife (House of Love), which is regarded as the origin of the Yoruba race. Ife is the Cultural Center of the Yoruba with the Legendary Cenotaph called "Opa Oranyan' bearing testimony to the many mysteries surrounding this ancient city.

The first King of Ile-Ife was Oduduwa who was succeeded by Irsnmiyan who later moved to Oyo as the Alaafin of Oyo. Next to Ife is the Town of Modakeke, a town that was in constant battle with Ile- Ife. Ile-Ife is so deep in tradition that, there is a ritual performed every day of the year in honor of a single God or goddess all year round.

The Ooni's Palace is like a museum of art. Decorated with Murals and Sculptures representing the history of Yoruba land and cultural roots. It is a marvel to see the various carvings and paintings that dates back centuries.

Ile Ife (EE-lay EE-fay) in the Yoruba creation myth is the spot where Obatala arrived on earth, having climbed down a chain from heaven, charged by God to make the first man. Ile Ife lies between the intersection of Ibadan, Ilesha and Ondo. It is the oldest town of the Yoruba people. Who represent 30 million of the 200 million population in Nigeria.

Akiti the Hunter was born and raised in Ile-Ife. Ile-Ife appears in myths as the birthplace of creation and the location where the first humans took form. For the Yoruba people, Ile-Ife is a symbol of creation and life. In their mythology, it is the oldest and most sacred land. The birds of the myth represent the natural forces that shaped the land. The city of Ile-Ife is believed to be over 2000 years old. In the United States, the oldest continuously settled city is less than 500 years old.

Ile-Ife is a major collecting point for cocoa and cotton grown in the surrounding area. Palm oil and kernels, yams, cassava, corn, pumpkins and kola nuts are all harvested and grow freely and sold at local markets. Ile-Ife’s inhabitants are primary framers, with a population size of 700,000 people who are all native Yoruba speakers.

What is his purpose?

Akiti’s purpose is to maintain peace in his homeland of Ile-Ife a land that is very significant to the Yoruba culture and heritage in all of Africa. Ile-Ife represents the mother of humankind and the birthplace of earth itself. After Akiti the Hunter becomes King (Ooni of Ife) his role comes with a wide range of responsibility as King to resolve court matters, resolutions/convictions, economic conditions with shortage of food resulting from poor weather, the threat of civil war, and the protection of historical artifacts with supernatural powers.

How did he become a fearless hunter?

Akiti became a fearless hunter, after receiving magical powers from his great ancestors. This magical dust, allows him to convert into any animal in jungle. This magical dust allows him to fly and exhibit supernatural powers to transform others and communicate with animals from any species. Through his numerous battles, he has been known to display clever tricks that his opponents do not expect. His tactics are calculated and often come against anyone who challenges the traditional values and customs of the Yoruba heritage. Akiti also has a very big ego and often does not like to hear about any other existing warriors who brags about being the most powerful in the land. Akiti will always present a challenge before him/her.


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Fatima has a profound story of her own. She will birth Akiti’s daughter Akita, who will have all the same powers as her father. Fatima went from poverty conditions to Queen of Ile-Ife. She has a heart of gold and is pure in spirit. She is one of the most beautiful women in the village, therefore there is always someone in the wings, trying to win her over from Akiti. Akiti had numerous battles trying to preserve his marriage and relationship with Fatima. Cultural clashes and civil war, has broke out in her honor. Fatima truly embodies the emotional side to Akiti and single weakness, and she is often use as a pond for many battles fought.

Ooni of Ife

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King means Ooni in Ile Ife. Ooni of Ife, ruled over Ilfe-Ife until he discovered he was ill. He did not want any of his sons to inherit his thrown for the great good of his people. After talking with his advisors, the only suitable person that would rule justly in city, and maintain the peace and tradition in his homeland, was Akiti the Hunter. While, Ile-Ife would sustain numerous attacks from intruders who were interested in the artifacts and historical landmarks that was significant to the powers the holy city processed.

Antagonist: Akin, Ade, & Ayo


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Akin, Ade, & Ayo Son’s of the Ooni of Ife. Each one had a strength of their own. The King’s sons, Ade, Akin, and Ayo, met Akiti on the battle ground to fight for the throne. The King’s sons were different in nature and stature. Ade─his name meant crown─had the gift of speech. He could talk anyone into doing whatever he wanted them to selfishly do for him. Unfortunately, Ade only used his gift of speech and persuasion for evil. He constantly created conflict amongst people in the village. Wherever there is an aggravated crowd, within the midst of that crowd you will find Ade creating division amongst the people and opposition throughout the land. When it came to combat, Ade was a trained sword fighter.

The King’s second son, Akin, was the best fighter the people of Ife had ever seen. His name meant warrior. He was also a great hunter similar to Akiti the Hunter. But Akin practiced hunting by hurting innocent animals and sometimes people. All to appease his need for constant domination of others.

The King’s last son, Ayo, which means joy, had the gift of laughter, however he was quite sinister. Ayo poked fun at everyone who lived in Ife. He made fun of the poor, the crippled, the blind, old people, young people, tall people, short people, all people. He had no limitation to his constant ridicule of others. He was always vulgar with women and enjoyed creating conflict around the village. When it came to combat skills, Ayo was very limited due to his size. His appearance alone was very intimidating. He was over seven feet tall and weighed over 350 pounds. Whenever Ayo was challenged to a battle, he would pick up his opponents and throw them around until they gave up. Sometimes he just sat on their stomachs while they kicked and screamed, aimlessly consenting to defeat.

All three of the King’s sons were a burden to the Kingdom. People were terrified at the thought of the village being ruled by them. In fact, when they saw the King’s health failing, commoners of the land took the opportunity to express their concerns about the future of Ife. Each villager, one right after the other, urged the King to consider a noble and prolific leader, one like Akiti the Hunter.

Ricikat and Kumbe

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Ricikat and Kumbe are cousins with Fatima. They are daughters of Aunt Halima. They are friends/foes of Fatima, they love to hate her. Before she meets Akiti, these two used to torment Fatima on a daily basis. They were so jealous of her unique beauty, and they could not understand why she received all the attention from the boys in the village. Rickat was the eldest of the three girls, and enjoyed spreading rumors around the town about her own cousin Fatima. The girls had some good days and other really bad days, but in the end, Fatima’s kind hearted and gentle spirit led her to be chosen by Akiti the Hunter as the Queen of Ile-Ife. Ricikat & Kumbe, were left filled with jealousy and range towards Fatima, and tried to sabotage her royal wedding with many antics including seeing the witch-doctor with the hopes of enticing Akiti The Hunter’s affection towards themselves, and failed miserably each time.

Background: Yoruba Folklore

Akiti the hunter is unique because he possesses strengths of three elephants and the magical powers of seven wizards. Although he always uses his power for good, he his often confronted by outsiders and evil doers who are looking to disrupt the peace of his land. Each challenge he overcomes, he discovers new capabilities in his combat skills. His first epic battle with the Elephant, he made a self-discovering that brute strength does not always defeat an opponent, to discovers their weaknesses.

Akiti the hunter, also speaks all African dialect, which is important as he explores land beyond the borders of Ile-Ife. He his also a talented drummer, and any opportunities he gets, he plays his African drum to bring the community together at their lowest points, to boost morals.

Akiti the hunter, believes very strongly in respecting elders and maintaining traditional values of the Yoruba culture. Anyone that challenges those values will have to answer to Akiti the Hunter himself.