Akiti the Hunter

1st African Action Super Hero

Akiti the Hunter Part I
from 15.98

Akiti the hunter is riveting and exciting tale that will leave you at the edge of your seat as you keep turning the pages.
With amazing and colorful illustrations and a heartfelt message, this book is sure to warm your heart and lead children into the world of imagination. Witness the power of Akiti's Magical dust that can transform you into any animal in the kingdom of the forest, and experience his lyrical song that is bound to uplift and empower the young reader.

Learn the moral of the tale that might and strength do not always win the day.
Take a journey with us as we start to explore the world of AKITI the Hunter, the first African Action Hero.

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Theme Song:
Akiti the Hunter, was the King of the Forest Wherever he went he sang a triumphant song.
I am the best
The bravest the strongest
I am the mightiest I am the great warrior of all the land
Because my name is Akiti
The King of the Forest, and all the greatest of lands
— Akiti the Hunter Part I

Akiti the Hunter

Akiti the Hunter discovers his talent from the age of 14. When uncovers the power of magical dust from his ancestors.

Queen Fatima

Fatima becomes Queen of Ilé Ife through traditional marriage to Akiti.

Ooni of Ife : King of Ife

Akiti has to protect the Ilé Ife (kingdom of Love) from intruders.