Akiti the Hunter

1st African Action Super Hero

In the Press

Denise Williams

“ What started with innocent yet intriguing observations of her young son during a trip to the bookstore has turned into a new superhero of color who is diversifying what power and mystique look like in the world of fantasy and action: Akiti the Hunter.” - Black Enterprise

“It is in the spirit of celebrating women that we recognize the efforts of Denise Mobolaji Ajayi-Williams, the next generation of social influencer, and an iconic woman on the RISE...The book scored the author recognition from Harvard University Coop, Library of Congress, NAACP Author’s Pavilion, Forbes Africa, and has sold out in-store story time throughout Barnes & Noble’s Stores.” – The Huffington Post

“Ajayi-Williams believes everyone should view themselves as heroic no matter their place of origin. Her goal is to bring an authentic African hero into American pop culture.” Oakland Post Newspaper

“They love Akiti’s ability to not only use his brute strength in defeating his opponents but also his mind. Akiti the Hunter teaches children to use the power of their minds when faced with unforeseen challenges.”- San Francisco Bay View Magazine

“This is a blaring signal that a new reconnection between Africa and the African Diaspora that is African-Americans can possibly yield financial and cultural gains that have not been seen since before the African slave trade is emerging. This is why it is important that ‘Black Panther’ does not become the only successful African film. We need more African superheroes such as Akiti The Hunter to push this revolution. “ CNBC Africa

“Denise Mobolaji Ajayi-Williams from Nigeria created the first African superhero story “Akiti The Hunter” and runs workingmomin20s.com, a site that is redefining feminist agenda for the millennial generation.” - Diplomatic Courier Magazine